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In broad terms, Commercial art is the “practice” of creative services, referring to art created for commercial purposes, primarily branding, marketing and advertising. Commercial art uses a variety of communications platforms (websites, social media, television, print, etc.) to reach audiences with the intent of promoting sales and interest of goods, services, and ideas. It relies on iconic symbols, photography and typography to engage, enhance recall and favorable recognition to activate responses for a product or service.

Commercial art includes many genres of art and categories of creative deliverables. We will work to define what you would like for your clients to receive from you and how you want your business to be perceived.

Ultimately, the look and feel of your design will convey what words cannot. First impressions last. In the short or long-term, your commitment to the investment in quality goods, service and customer experience complimented by thoughtful and well-crafted design works to pay returns — both tangible and intangible.

No two projects are the same. No two quotes are the same. I’ll need to listen to you share your ideas about your project. I’ll also need to pick your brain. Having a clear picture of what you’re envisioning will assist greatly in the drafting my proposal. The scope and complexity of the project will have a bearing on the detail, research and time needed to complete your quote. Given these details, I am 1-3 days out on delivering an estimate to you.

Again, no two projects are the same except for those governed by aggressive deadlines. Creating strong design solutions born from sound rationale does not usually happen overnight. The average duration of most projects is two to four weeks. Larger projects involving additional phases of development, reviews and sign-offs, will add time to the project. 

Working from start-to-finish generally requires referencing all of the info initially gathered during our briefing. There are usually additional questions to ask. I begin the creative approach using the brief as the criteria to develop concepts and render visuals for a collective review. Suffice it to say, your input is vital. Throughout this process we serve as sounding boards. Ideally we begin sharing a near-similar vantage point. Next, we apply the same criteria to evaluate the direction emerging from this exercise. The value of this review is found in those insights that serve to sharpen the focus and fine-tune the creative result. Once the direction is clear, it’s on to generating your deliverables. 

Often times, the success of one project spawns the next and the next and the next. Should you find this to be the case with your project, please know that I remain prepared to assist as I am able.


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